Specialist Surfaces

C&G Tarmac Surfacing Ltd offers a range of specialist surfaces including Porous, Coloured and Resin Bonded.

Resin Bonded

We supply high quality Resin Bonded Surfacing for domestic driveways, paths, patios, car parks and landscaping projects

Porous Surfacing

We can provide black & coloured porous surfacing solutions which are designed to work with the natural infiltration methods of water, removing the requirement for conventional draining systems.

Laid over a porous receiving layer, the asphalt material has an open structure that allows water to permeate through its surface so that it can be steadily absorbed into the ground in a natural process.

Ulticolour, Supercolour Ultra and Natratex

Ulticolour - is a range of coloured asphalts that offer quality and durability in a variety of vibrant colours that brighten up your outdoor space.

Ulticolour is available in 6mm, 10mm and 14mm SMA surface courses. Ulticolour can be used in a wide range of applications including playgrounds and pedestrian areas to highly designated road surfaces, for example bus lanes.

Ulticolour is available as a porous asphalt or as a pre-coated, coloured chippings for use with Hot Rolled Asphalt.

Ulticolour offers architects and planners an alternative way to define space in a way that improves safety, visibility, navigation and aesthetics.

Surface Dressing

Tanker or hand apply emulsion then surface dress with your choice of coloured chippings. This is suitable for larger driveways, roads and car parks. Improves surfaces aesthetically and offers an extended lifespan to existing surfaces.

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