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of "refreshment saloons" and hospitals. Published by the Volunteer Refreshment Company of
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some are of great service to the liver by resisting all its diseases, some to the
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to full term. The patient could not lie In the full
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Jonea — Dr. Dallas Southard; 2nd Tuesday monthly.
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92 The Hermetic and Alchemical Writings of Paracelsus.
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remains the element of earth at the bottom, while fire and water are held in
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life may not be taken away by means of these. Remedies of this kind we have
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That philosophy, then, is foolish and vain which leads us to assign all
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in the following way. Take a stone well ground, to which add twice the
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No finding aid, partially arranged, inactive, unrestricted.
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objection. Only a partial purification takes place,
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cealed, which the internal fire of the t%%, excited by the warmth of the hen,
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EKG blanket, and an anti-tremor compound. Includes 5 unsorted boxes of his books.
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Methodist bishop or the baseball manager," says Associate
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conserved body ; there is no member comprised in it which is not full of the
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many, indeed, whose length of life will persist up to the last day. Such
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alchemy. This is not that which teaches cooking and preparation, which Nature has instituted for the benefit of man.
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great power, by which it acquires special curative faculties. It might- really
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Lantern slides of otolaryngolic subjects used by Dr. Leroy Lee Sawyer, Jr., of Washington, D.C.
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Philosophers. Take, therefore, antimony, which breaks into long and sharp
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separate plan ; on the contrary powers are provided
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contrary to a contrary. The cold does not subdue the hot, nor vice versa, in
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objects these eternal things will meet together, and be collected not only as
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influences, which, turned into alchemy, in no slight degree enriched the medical art. For alchemy is but a medical
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times and occasional spells of total blindness, last-
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natures, heat and dryness, are one thing, and in like manner, cold and
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of separation. In satyrion lurks a Saturnian power which, as it were, secretly
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Pour these three relays of wine into a glass. Seal well, and distil in a strong
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alchemy it is the quintessence of the philosophers and their aurific elixir.
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Brinton by Thomas Eakins (1876); oil portrait of Surgeon General and Army Medical Museum
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which, when placed in the fire, is brought to the same degree of heat. Indeed,
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instruments, then he may with the utmost propriety give himself out as a
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according to the days of Enoch, in the intellects of a new generation. But
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madly assert, that Alchemy makes gold and silver. Its special work is this —
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the beginning of created things, and the end in all things which no nature is
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nourished. Wheresoever this is wanting, there life itself departs. But this,
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use different plasters, ointments, unguents, and the like, even in the cure of
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hospital devices; case files; and notes and manuscripts on physiotherapy.
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shall we speak only of the blood of edible things, but also of potable things,
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Grant proposal to the Hughes Foundation from the office files of planning officer Libby
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the Cause of Death, with a letter calling their at-
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Coleman — Dr. W. M. Strozler, Santa Anna; Ist Thurs-
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Nature puts forward a way and clear order in which man should consider
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Victoria-Calhoun — ^Dr. P. L. Sargeant, Victoria; Srd
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another age according to its predestination, nay, even at a third, a fourth, or
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silver, the golden talc, the white, the purple, the tin or bismuth, antimony,
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which is finally dissolved like ice. Similarly in petroleum, the dryness is not
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AcTis, possibly Actsea, the wall-wort, or shrubby elder of Pliny.
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being made, in its last terminus it exhibits the physical fulmen, just as the
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diet, medicines, places of habitation, and the higher bodies exert their influence
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director. Mcludes three Christmas cards from the 1920s with caricatures of staff members

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