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easily accomplished. We wish, then, to speak of the conservation of balsam

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Theophrastus Paracelsus. Also Tinctura Physicorum Paracelsica, with an

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Those things which come forth from the earth have a warm nature in the

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earth, but because the essence of the earth is such. So it is shadowed forth

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one seed like something growing in the field according to its growing nature.

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meeting will be held at Cotulla the third Tuesday in

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extensively with the Carnegie materials. The tapes include two each of: trophoblastic disease;

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Consists primarily of cardiac catheterization sets with a small collection of implantable

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It is a recipe of Geber. Petrus de Archilata errs in the process : for the

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vinegar, as sal gemmae ; yet another is acid, as ginger. Another is bitter, as

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Dr. F. A. Pierce, Dallas; Medicine. Dr. J. D. Burt,

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the blood, but expels all that is useless from the body, or that can do harm to

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reduced like some wood which burns down to a small heap of ashes. But out

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the seed of the nettle (otherwise the lavender) if it be poured on to any root

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The other firmament has its special operation in heaven, that is, it relates

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be considered that sometimes our life depends upon the aforesaid causes, and

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Petroselinar, a kind of parsley growing among rocks.

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abused, so that they ought neither to be called manes nor superstitions, know

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In 1871 the first five volumes were formally pubhshed as Photographs of Surgical Cases and

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Necrolicus, and inveighs against what is contained in the four Scaiolse,

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works are works of darkness, while this work takes effect and acts in the light

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who return from active service in the United States

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General Hospital; Instruction Manual and certificate from Medical Field Service School; Geneva

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and more truly than all the astrologers in many years, and one apostle far

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*Sibley Memorial Hospital (Washington, DC), OHA 322.05

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digestion, and if in the process of separation, he succumbs to the fault of

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quintessence of gold, therefore, without the corrosive, we assert to be useless.

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matter, though afterwards another Alchemy may intervene in the shape of

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frailty in it, no mortality. And as glass cannot be consumed by a creature, so

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Lantern slides found in Museum, labeled neurology, endocrine, and heart.

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virtues of that which has been added to it. So, forsooth, vmum ardens has in

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will perhaps reveal it. — Chiruygia Magna, Part I., Tract I., c. 17.

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audio and videotapes of media coverage of the Museum.

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photographs were also used as engravings in The Medical and Surgical History of the War of the

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vinegar, half a pound of circulated water of life, and four ounces of cleansed pearls. Reduce to a fine powder, prepare,

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even temperature, while the pot glows like the coals. Then take it out of the

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signification, a simple substance, a base matter ; as a principle of being, first

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Flynn. Lt J. G.. M. R. C. Ft. Crockett, Galveston, to

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^Veterinary Pathology Department, OHA 90.55, OHA 108.1, OHA 223, OHA 350

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