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clearly overcame this, but their posterity, having no solid and perfect know-
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digestion, and this it is which inflicts diseases of humanity upon us. For
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None otherwise life takes its origin from something wherein is no life, as from
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6. Describe the changes which take place In a joint
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in all directions around him. The reason is that your most delightful assembly, which I lately enjoyed, and do still
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Whatever of good or evil fire there is in it, as in the wood, we are able
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brings an immediate remedy against all kinds of poisons. The metijod of dealing with Mumia is as follows. In the
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this order ought to be understood from the Uncertain Arts in the following
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hemorrhagic fever, OHA 154.05, OHA 191.05, OHA 297.05
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and thus makes them all kings like himself, that is to say, gold.
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cure of ulcers, namely, because it contains mercurial liquor more abundantly than the other species of marcasite. In
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Euphrasia, the herb eyebright, once regarded as valuable in diseases of
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museums. The division was made part of Museum Programs in 1987, reestabhshed in 1989,
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elevated five feet above the level of the patient's
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which is not consumed in the body by digestion along with natural things,
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appearance of the firmament portends something special, when we ought to
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according to the Vulcanico-magical theory till they are exalted into the fifth
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to be accounted of than quintessences on account of their virtues. Gold in its
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neurology, psychiatry, training, and sexually-transmissible diseases.
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name, regiment, battle of injury, date of injury, date of death or medical intervention, surgeon's
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descriptions of the transmission of dengue and Army policies for typhoid vaccination in World
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Papers and microscope slides of John Henry Draize, a pharmacologist for the U.S. Food and
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brings sadness to bodies, but this is not a complexion. In like manner, the
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Reel to reel tapes of telephone conversations between Colonel Hart, stationed at Walter Reed
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the cure of this disease. Did they strive to imitate the Samaritan, God would
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Are these things not to be brought into the light .'' Truly, indeed, they are,
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Collins. Lt. J. D„ M. R. C, Arlington, to Camp Bowie.
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command, operations, surgery, dentistry, nursing, and baby care.
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advance. I described the occurrence to the roentgen-
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the centre of the wine and separates it from the phlegm. Throw away that
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returned to AFIP's Records Repository. The autopsy material is closed to researchers.
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are very many and wonderful virtues, exceeding belief, but still sufficiently
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this one process shall be accomplished by fire, and that it shall not be possible
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physician. The quack thinks nothing of it ; but the physician considers a good deal. Before all else these three
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predominates in the intestines. In its dissolved state it produces one kind of
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That is, it is adapted to its end, but not wholly so adapted ; and it is Vulcan
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*Read before the Section on Ophthalmology, Otology.
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elected the following officers for 1918: Drs. G. W.
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A collaboration with the National Association of Dental Laboratories has resulted in a large
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Bctor-Midland-Martin-Hoioard — Dr. R. L. Davis, Big
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By the separation of the elements the water was segregated to the place
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complexions. It is not very clear in itself, and it adopts an arbitrary terminology, which will be dealt with in the
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ments against them, and afterwards the composition of similar remedies for
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same, hunting out the food and drink for their bodies which has been
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it. For this reason the least violence destroys it, preventing all generation.
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example, that the preparations of Mercui-y which are used against Luis Gallica, and, indeed, all remedies adopted in the
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No finding aid, partially arranged, inactive, unrestricted.
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their material substance, be extracted. There lies hid in these extractions a
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Brazoria — ^Dr. 8. B. Maxey, Angleton; 1st Tuesday
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vision, except in a mystical sense, for he had passed through death. It was,
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on the humours, some on the life-spirit, some on the nutritive spirit ; some
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Take first the true element of water, or, in place of it, some other salt
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surgical dressing classes are being held for volun-
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separately. The preparation of the magistery of woods is as follows : —
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into another, take the same grade, for thus are healed diseases of the first
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Hopkina — Dr. T. K. Proctor, Sulphur Springs; lat
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Trevisan, than the reduction of the body into mercurial water, from which
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or principles of the stone are in such a state of confusion that they cannot be
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Curatorial Records: Reports to the Curator, 1885-1892
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autopsy reports, correspondence, notes, text to the slide set, and photographs (slide sets as well as
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from the human body by the Alchemist of Nature. Nevertheless, it serves as
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he should pay more attention to the things which are beyond Nature than to those
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that there are two fathers and one son, two mothers and one daughter,

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