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Photograph numbers; these volumes are considered an adjunct to the Contributed Photograph

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and Human Services Don Newman, Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, Tom Freudenheim,

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this way, the cold thrusts the spirit of the wine, together with its substance, into

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others which have come down to us. For example, the treatise on Physics which is quoted in Book VII. may be

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Acute pharyngitis and laryngitis, too, were treated by

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quintessence, it should be remarked that nothing is nearer to gold than pearls.

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We are able to transmute sweets into an elixir, the preparation of which rather

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of the nature of wine. The fat, put by itself in a phial, and separately

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have mentioned in the words preceding. Sometimes the constitution of

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half of the patients die from this infection, while

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photographer for the Army Medical Museum after the Civil War and took many of the pictures in

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hold of its heat and that which is like itself, and both operate in the same way in the subject until all the humidity is

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3 1 8 The Hermetic and Alchemical Writings of Paracelsus.

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extend not only to the colours, but to the virtues. As often as a transmuta-

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denser bodies, that is to say, in the female waters in the Valley of Shadows, and

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things which are light and tender, or are even pressed.

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acceptable to many ; but why should wise people hate without cause that

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has left its signature as both its necessity and its sustentation ; then it also

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Jones. Maj. Everett, T. N. G., Wichita Falls, to Camp

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much we have endeavoured to explain, how the arcana in any one thing

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Since, therefore, we are enabled from such examples as these to discover

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Take silver reduced to the thinnest filings. Cut them up into the smallest

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kinds of magisteries, of which one has reference to the quality of the com-

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slaughtered by Herod is pictured in the hieroglyph of Abraham the Jew and

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which the terms Alchemist and Alchemy were applied by Paracelsus. The little work itself is derived from that portion

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that the greatest panic in the history of the State

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essence ; which means nothing else than that the four bodies shall be separated

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the opposition of that which is most hard. It is the way of truth, and there

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do by the impulse of the higher influence which is received from the constella-

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the agencies concerned to head this department. —

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and one is like to the other. From Archeus proceeds the force of tonics. That

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earth, the higher star will affect nothing. But the star of the earth conceives

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In the case of small pox observe this order and method. The whole seat

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every night at bed time the first seven days of the

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nourish men, but in unequal degrees, since one has more power than the other,

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be extracted by the mixture or the addition of incongruous matters ; but

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Copulation. In alchemical terminology this is the union of the philo-

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Steel. The steel of the philosophers is a subject of frequent reference,

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